Mr. Martin's programming school

External links

Honestly, I do not get paid for these promotions. I just think they are useful.


MSDN - MicroSoft Developers Network, a great source of information for Windows developers like us. Thousands of pages, don't get lost.
Downloads for the free Visual Studio tools we use in this course.
Latest download for Microsoft SQL Express.


Download link for Notepad++ a free, better, text editor.
UltraEdit, a very good text editor worth paying for.
Beyond Compare, an excellent comparison program worth much more than its price.

Sites with good information

Here you can find almost everything about HTML, the DOM, JavaScript etc. and try things online.
A site for sharing JavaScript sourcecode.
A friendly forum for all programmers. You will probably find many links to this site when asking mr. Google.
If you will try out jQuery and ajax, this is where you get it and all documentaiton too.